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Doctor Who toy photography.
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He darkles. He tincts.
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So many people know I'm a huge Doctor Who Tardis Key collector, and I've posted pics of MOST of my collection, but many people don't know a ton of info about all the various replicas, both official and unofficial. There's actually quite a lot of history of the replicas out there that many people don't know, such as when some keys are knockoffs or where they are knockoffs from, what keys that are officially licensed LOOK like or how many there are or who made them and which ones are the best in terms of accuracy so, I've decided to take as much knowledge as I have on the subject and make a full catalog documenting as MUCH information as possible on them. I'll be separating sections on a few areas. One section will show all the screen accurate and prop accurate keys that are available, only the best of the best there. Another will show all the licensed replicas that have been made. Another section will show the progression of unlicensed 3rd/4th Doctor keys with helpful information on what they were based off of. Next will be a section of the history of the 7th Doctor type Tardis key and it's odd and sordid history and last I MAY include a list of best known Yale and ERA type keys used throughout the classic as well as modern series.

 ALL sections will include front and back photos where necessary (Since I won't bother to photograph most double-sided keys on the reverse if it's the same as the opposite side) and will be numbered with corresponding information in the comment section of the picture so you know what is what about each key. This will be a somewhat daunting undertaking as I'm working on some hearsay and rumor on SOME keys as well as just good old fashioned detective work and observation. Obviously anyone with some information that I don't have will be welcomed to help as long as they have some way to back it up and if it doesn't contradict any solid info I have.

I'm hoping to have this project posted this summer and I have already started the photography process.

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